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Logan Sapphire,    The Lifestyle Stylist

Adding Beauty to your Life



I'm here to help you plan your room design in details before you spend money, so that you can stick to your budget, and see the chosen pieces work together in a cohesive style that won't break the bank.

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Just like your favorite outfit that makes you look and feel confident, your home should do the same and reflect your amazing personality and you will be amazed how easy it is to put it together. It all starts with our conversation, so book your Design Discovery Consultation call



To promote your house to sell for the best price. I use furniture and home décor to tell the story of your house that will accentuate its character. 


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Fashion Boutique

"Use fashion to express your personality! Find your own essence. Smooches!"

Lorraine Lee


Who I am

My Journey

I have learned in life that my purpose is to bring the beauty out of everything. I have been doing it for years and realized it's my love to see people look and feel happy that drives me to do what I do.

-"Fashion is a state of mind." And it adds beauty and brings confidence to people when worn well.

-Home staging adds the essence to a home and causes home buyers to see their dream come true.

-Closet Organizing is essential for keeping order and an easy lifestyle.  

As an experienced Fashion and Home Stylist, I have the opportunity to create these inspiring looks and spaces through smart design, creative style, and smart functionality.

To learn more about my background and the services I provide, keep browsing through my site. If you’re interested in booking a service or working together, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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